Sonny Q., Client

“I originally went to see Brittany when I noticed that I was uncontrollably gaining weight, despite a fairly healthy diet and being very active. Over the course of seeing Brittany for about 4-6 months, we worked on this issue together, taking a few different approaches to helping me achieve weight loss, or at a minimum, to stop that weight gain that I was experiencing. After methodically going through a few slightly different iterations of a weight loss regimen, it became clear that there was something else going on besides overeating or not exercising enough.

Per Brittany’s recommendation, I consulted with my primary physician, and informed him of my weight gain problems, as well as some other strange symptoms that I had been experiencing. After a couple of weeks, numerous blood tests, and a trip to an endocrinologist, it was determined that my weight gain (and inability to lose weight) was due to a thyroid condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

It only took a month or so of being on thyroid replacement meds before I started feeling better, and the weight began to finally fall off. Now that the playing field has been leveled and I have a fighting chance against the weight, I have been using much of the information and techniques that I learned from Brittany and have thus far been able to shed 45 pounds, fairly easily.

If it weren’t for Brittany’s patience, encouragement, and deep knowledge of diet and nutrition, I doubt that I would have ever had this issue properly diagnosed or resolved. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Kyle H., Program Participant

“Before taking a nutrition course with Brittany, I was overweight and frustrated. I never had much trouble making it to the gym; however, I was filled with misinformation and inaccurate data about my diet. I understood diets as being very frustrating procedures that required me to completely give up foods that made me happy and really would make it hard to have a social life. As a male, I fell into the trap of eating way too much protein and too little carbs. When I enrolled in the nutrition program with Brittany, I was pleased to hear how knowledgeable she was about all aspects of nutrition, especially behavior. In addition, she was willing to dispel any myths about nutrition not with anecdotal accounts, but with data from peer-reviewed scientific journals. The most eye opening part of her course was that trying to lose weight by not allowing myself certain foods is not the appropriate way to go about it. What I learned was that understanding the foods that I am eating, accounting for the calories I take in and the calories I expend through exercise, provides the greatest success in a long-term healthy lifestyle. I could still have some beer with my friends, a glass of wine on a date, or even that slice of delicious pie; as long as I was accountable for the calories I took in, it made it extremely easy to manage my food/exercise balance. After three months of intensive calorie tracking, I was able to significantly decrease my weight (specifically loss of body fat %). Soon, I became used to the kinds of foods I ate regularly and the serving sizes that were appropriate and was able to stop counting calories with continued success. After two years of following Brittany’s suggestions and keeping a regular exercise schedule I was able to go from 30% body fat to 11.5% body fat. Now, I have been out of the program for several years and have been able to keep a healthy weight. When my weight starts to climb back up, I simply take a few weeks of calorie tracking and am able to bring my weight back to the ideal range.”

Hortensia P., Program Participant

“I weighed 284-294 and was size 26-28 pounds 2 1/2 years ago. I had all type of health issues, type II diabetes, high blood, pressure joint, knees etc. I tried everything to lose weight. January 2012, when my daughter left for college, one of my employees asked me to join Get Fit program and reluctantly I did. Brittany and the GET FIT crew started to preach the gospel of a healthy lifestyle that included nutrition and fitness. Yes, we heard it all before but Brittany made every nutrition session, believable, funny, relatable while setting goals that made us accountable.

During my first one mile run (walk) my co-worker looked at me and said “I thought she was going to be responsible for giving my boss a heart attack.” I thought I would pass out…. J But, I continued to come to Brittany’s weekly classes on nutrition and slowly started to exercise 3-5 times per week. After about 6 weeks the weight started to come off at the end of the 12 week program I’d lost 20 pounds and was starting to move around more.

I stayed in the program for two years and even registered for Brittany’s summer Express weight loss nutrition classes. Two years later, I now workout 6-7 a week! If, I don’t get to work out I’m irritated and anxious. During my weekly grocery trip my cart now has more fresh fruits and vegetables than processed food. My blood work is now at a normal range. I’ve lost 50-55 pounds. And my goal is to lose 30 more.

Today I weigh 229-233 pounds, wear a size 14W-16W (some regular 16). I can wear and XL and do not have to always shop in the Plus size section. And my blood work is now at a normal range. Get Fit participants and Brittany provided a supportive environment and contributed to helping me feel and look better than I have in 18-20 years.  Thanks Brittany!!”

Daniel T., Client

“I initially sought out Brittany’s help almost two years ago while recovering from an avulsed biceps tendon. She carefully listened to what my goals were during and after rehab and tailored a nutrition program to precisely fit those goals. The great part about working with Brittany is that she did not simply give me a generic piece of paper with a few numbers and sample meals. Instead, she educated me about the importance of macronutrient ratios, nutritional impact on hormones, etc., and gave me a foundation upon which I could build in the future depending on what my goals happen to be.

As a firefighter, health and recovery are essential to my longevity in my career and Brittany understands that. In addition to changing my body composition, she has truly made me healthier and I could not be happier with the results.”